Charli XCX Has Been 'Creative In Quarantine' As She Works On Her New Album

She revealed some first details about it in her self-isolation diary

As the world grapples with concerns about the coronavirus, people have begun to widely practice self-isolation and social distancing to combat its spread. Lady Gaga has called it "the kindest/healthiest thing we can do," and Taylor Swift and her cat Meredith seem to have it down pat.

Charli XCX, meanwhile, has been keeping a "social distancing diary" to chronicle what she's been doing during her time alone. In addition to thinking out loud and wondering what will happen to the music industry, she's recently unveiled something amazing in her latest entry: She's nearly complete with the writing of her new album. Along with this exciting reveal, there are also some first details about who it'll feature as well.

Her latest entry came via Twitter on Monday (March 17). "So I've been thinking about how to be creative in quarantine," she began. "A few of my frequent collaborators are currently experiencing symptoms of the virus and we've canceled a lot of our session plans for this week in order to give them to rest and to prevent the virus from spreading further."

"This self-quarantine is coming at a time where I was almostttttt finished with the writing process of my next album," she continued. "I had one song left to write and then it was all about finishing and production and artwork etc. obviously things have slowed now but I do feel excited to wrap this up and be releasing new music soon, of course only when it's ready."

It's that not enough to get you excited about what's coming next for Charli, there's more. "What can I tell you about this album.... well, there are less collaborations, Chris and I have been talking about reuniting (alongside someone else), it has felt very quick to make, AG [Cook] is involved, I want it to be quite short in comparison to CHARLI, there are a lot of songs about sex and physicality." And then she ends with another bombshell that sounds like a Grimes announcement: "There is a song about the world ending."

Charli's first diary entry found her talking about "planning out ideas for videos" and more while in isolation. In addition to her plans, Charli also opened up about how she feels about the lockdown so far. "I'm feeling a bit purposeless," she wrote. "As so many things get canceled and a lot of things come to a halt around me, I start wondering - what if this change is permanent - or at least semi-permanent."

Charli's self-titled album came out last September. The feature-packed safari of sounds, with guests like Lizzo, Troye Sivan, and Haim, was Charli at her most comfortable, exploring anxiety, isolation, and more. "The cool part about writing it basically every day, back-to-back, was that my mood would change constantly," she told MTV News at the time.

Take a look at Charli's two diary entries up above, and check her Twitter feed for presumably more to come.

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