Lena Dunham Is Terrible At Riding A Bike In This 'Girls' Season 4 Tease

Great show, poor bike riding skills.

We've never been so excited to see someone eat sh** on a bicycle.

HBO today posted a teaser video taunting us with the fact that "Girls," the show that your mom totally thinks is about your life and it really isn't except when it kind of is, is in production for its fourth season.

Lena Dunham, our best friend star and creator of the show, pops out of a cute house that we maybe think could be in Iowa (remember the acceptance letter that ended season three?) and onto an equally cute bike, before promptly tipping over. Because, like, duh. At least she was wearing an adorable pink helmet.

The video doesn't drop a premiere date for season four yet (cry, cry, cry), only the vague "2015," but it did share the url for a nifty production diary tumblr comprised of instragrams and tweets from the set of the show.

We can't wait. And, Lena, if you need someone to help you figure out that whole bike sitch, you know who to call.