Jennifer Lawrence Thinks It's 'Too Soon' For 'Hunger Games' Prequels

I mean, what is this, the actual Hunger Games?

The final movie in the beloved "Hunger Games" franchise has been dominating the box office for less than a month -- but as we learned last week, the people who run Lionsgate are already strongly considering the possibility of creating new prequels.

So what does Jennifer Lawrence, the hero of the Panem Revolution herself, think of all this brou ha ha over more movies? Will she consider returning to the series that propelled her to stardom, or has she hung up her arrow and quiver on a more permanent basis?

At the premiere for her new movie "Joy," Lawrence set the record straight: the story of the Girl on Fire has officially been extinguished.

“I wouldn’t be involved,” Lawrence told Variety that night. “I think it’s too soon. They’ve got to let the body get cold, in my opinion.”

This isn't the first time Lawrence has been glib on the subject of more "Hunger Games" movies. When MTV UK caught up with her during the "Mockingjay Part 2" press tour, she correctly predicted that the movie studio would go the prequel route -- and that she wouldn't be happy about it.

"I think the most likely thing that will happen when everybody tries to suck this thing dry is probably going to be a prequel with younger actresses," she joked. "But if I had my way, it'd be a Woody Allen dystopian future and Cate Blanchett would play me."

Of course, we don't know anything about what Lionsgate is planning yet, other than that Lionsgate entertainment vice chairman Michael Burn thinks there should be more actual Hunger Games arenas in them. But if that's the case, Jennifer Lawrence probably wouldn't have gotten much of a part to play anyway, seeing as her character would be much younger. So, she'd be right on both counts.

What do you think? Are you clamoring for more "Hunger Games," or do you agree with Jennifer Lawrence that it's too soon to start thinking about prequels?