New Video: David Guetta, Featuring Kelly Rowland: 'When Love Takes Over'

I'm so happy to see my girl Kelly Rowland shine as a performer -- not as a reality show cipher, not as Beyonce's second banana. But I never imagined she'd find her niche in dance music. Kelly has a success on her hands: DJ David Guetta's "When Love Takes Over" is a dance chart darling in Europe, and it's no surprise -- the beat and piano scream for glow sticks. While Kelly is "featured" on the Guetta track, she's front and center in the Jonas Akerlund-directed music video.

If you're unfamiliar with "When Love Takes Over" -- if you're European or gay, then I'm astonished -- now's your chance to hear Kelly push her vocals like never before.

The saturated theme gives the video a welcome dreaminess, and Kelly's gazes and coy smiles are totally hypnotic. At video's end, Kelly joins DJ Guetta in his "booth" -- I'm assuming a nod to the musical partners' initial meeting in Cannes, France.

Kelly's charisma makes this video, and for me, she had some competition: I know Kelly's performed this number for at least one Gay Pride festival, but I have seen some fierce drag queen lip-synchs to this track! You know it's tough for Kelly to top that...

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