An Eternally Ageless Madonna Found A Not-So-Dirty Use For Snapchat

Her 'Living For Love' video just premiered on the app.

Lest you think Snapchat is only good for unsolicited n00ds (I'm using the word "good" loosely here), Madonna just premiered her "Living For Love" video via Snapchat Discover, making it the first music video to ever do so.

The Julien Choquart- and Camille Hirigoyen-directed clip finds M in the center of a blood-red, curtain-draped room as a dozen or so men with bejeweled, Yeezus Tour-y masks and horns circle around her like a herd of bulls. To make the visual metaphor complete, Madonna dons a matador-inspired outfit.

[image src="wp-attachment://2070306" title="madonna" alt="madonna"]

There's some nice visual symmetry at play between "Living For Love" and Madonna's 1994 video "Take A Bow." She's no longer the hardly cared-for lover of a bullfighter -- she is the bullfighter. And an ageless one, at that. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go rest my arms after all that reaching.

"Living For Love" is the first single off of Madonna's thirteenth studio album, Rebel Heart, which drops on March 10. You can catch Madonna when she performs this Sunday at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

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