Lindsay's Laundry List: 'SNL,' Trip To Kenya, Two More Movies

Singer signs on for comedy 'Bill' with Aaron Eckhart, drama 'Georgia Rule' with Felicity Huffman.

Lindsay Lohan already has four movies in the can, but she's not one to wait around until they hit the big screen. The actress has two new films lined up to keep her busy through the summer.

"I'm doing a movie with Aaron Eckhart called 'Bill' in a few months," Lohan revealed. "Then I go to shoot a movie called 'Georgia Rule' with Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman."

In the comedy "Bill," Eckhart plays a man fed up with his job and marriage who tries to find a new purpose in life by mentoring a rebellious teenage boy. (Lohan will play the boy's friend, Lucy.) The film, which will be directed by newcomers Melisa Wallack and Bernie Goldman, is slated to begin production in St. Louis in June.

And what of the rumors that Lohan's going for the part of another Lucy, that of Lucy Ewing in the film adaptation of "Dallas"?

"Oh!" Lohan exclaimed when the subject was brought up. "I'm not sure what's going on with that right now," she answered coyly, smiling in a way that suggested otherwise.

After "Bill," Lohan has some heavy lifting to do in the family drama "Georgia Rule," in which she'll play a girl molested by her stepfather. The family is rounded out by Fonda as Lohan's grandmother and Huffman as Lohan's mother, who is unaware of what happened.

"I'm not sure who's playing the guys yet," Lohan said.

The film, which will be directed by Garry Marshall ("The Princess Diaries," "Runaway Bride"), is set to begin shooting in July.

But just because she's long since wrapped work on "A Prairie Home Companion" -- as well as three other films, "Just My Luck" (see [article id="1503293"]"Lindsay Lohan Pushes Her 'Luck' "[/article]), "Bobby" (see [article id="1512341"]"Lindsay Lohan Falls For Elijah Wood In 'Bobby' "[/article]) and "Chapter 27" -- doesn't mean Lohan's seen the last of co-stars Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin (see [article id="1505261"]"Lohan Finds 'A Prairie Home Companion' In Meryl Streep"[/article]). She's planning to join a reunion of her "Prairie" people May 3 for the film's world premiere at St. Paul's Fitzgerald Theater in Minnesota, where the movie was shot. The event is scheduled more than a month before the film's June 9 release because it's also a special one-off performance, during which the cast will sing songs from the soundtrack (Lohan's tune is a cover of "Frankie and Johnny").

After Lohan's done with her new film roles (and her promo work for the old ones), she says she's going on a trip to Kenya with the One Campaign, which, according to the charity, is still in the planning stages.

"As with Brad Pitt and other celeb visits, it'll likely focus on where America is helping make a difference to save and change lives," One Campaign spokesperson Meighan Stone said, citing schools, clinics and microcredit efforts to help Africans build their own businesses. A date for the trip has yet to be determined.

In the meantime, Lohan's prepping for her stint hosting "Saturday Night Live" this week. She wanted to bring back some of the previous skits she'd done as host, such as "Debbie Downer," but that plan was nixed in the writing sessions earlier this week. "We're afraid that it [wouldn't] be as good as it was," Lohan said.

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