Tonight, The Sky Will Literally Be Lit -- With Lots Of Shooting Stars

Cancel all your plans -- there's a meteor shower tonight.

Grab your blankets and favorite generic energy drink, because tonight (into tomorrow), the galactic extravaganza known as the Leonid Meteor shower is expected to be in full force -- right in front of our unworthy mortal eyeballs.

shooting star

Though this year's show is predicted to be less than stellar compared to years past, it's still pretty cool to catch some of the fastest-moving meteors in the night sky.

According to, the meteors, which "[hit] Earth's atmosphere at about 162,000 mph (261,000 km/h)," can be seen pretty much anywhere. But if you live in a city or a heavily polluted smog den and are concerned about missing out, don't worry. You can still catch the show via Slooh Community Observatory's live stream or on

shooting star 2

Optimal viewing time begins a little after midnight. Happy star-gazing, y'all.