21 'Boy Meets World' Characters We 'Still' Need To See On 'Girl Meets World'

We're waiting, Disney.

"Girl Meets World" is slowly but surely bringing back characters from "Boy Meets World," and it's super fun (and nostalgic) to see what they've been up to since "BMW" ended in 2000. Eric Matthews' (Will Friedle) BFF Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence) returned on an August 14 episode, and we learned he hasn't spoken with Rachel (Maitland Ward Baxter) in a long, long time. *Cries*

With Baxter teasing about Rachel appearing on a future episode of "GMW" (there's nothing on her IMDb page about it at the moment), we decided to compile a list of both recurring and iconic one-time characters from "BMW" who need to be on "GMW" stat. Take note, Disney!

Morgan Matthews, played by Lily Nicksay (seasons 1 & 2) and Lindsay Ridgeway (seasons 3-7)

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Um, hello? Morgan was Cory and Eric's younger sister and she's never been on "GMW." Baby brother Josh has, but no Morgan? Unacceptable. Of course, Ben Savage did tease about a possible appearance of Morgan back in May, so we'll see.

Jason, played by Jason Marsden

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Boy Meets World - Jason Marsden

Jason was Eric's BFF in seasons 1 and 2, but then disappeared from the show. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, JASON?

Kenny, played by Richard Lee Jackson

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Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.46.04 PM

Everyone remembers Kenny. "He was this tall." Kenny was in the "Scream" parody episode (aka, the greatest "BMW" episode ever). Although his character "died" in the episode via a pencil to the forehead, it was all a (spoiler) dream. Honestly, we want to see if he's still that tall.

Griffin 'Griff' Hawkins, played by Adam Scott

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When Harley Keiner (Danny McNulty, who has been on "GMW") gets shipped off to reform school, Griff steps in as the new school bully. We know Harley is now a janitor at the school Cory teaches at, but what about Griff?

Topanga's parents, played by too many different actors to count



Personally, I don't think having Topanga's parents on "GMW" will be nearly as interesting as who will play her parents on "GMW."

Lauren, played by Linda Cardellini

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She is the reason Cory and Topanga broke up, kissing Cory at a ski resort like the homewrecker she is. If she were to guest-star on "GMW," would Cory's feelings for her flare up again?

Claire Ferguson, played by Ariana Richards

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In one of the darker episodes, it's discovered that Claire is being abused by her father. Last we heard from her, she went off to Vermont to live with her aunt, while her father went to rehab and counseling. I want to see the life she had after leaving her bad home environment.

Stuart, played by Fred Savage

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BMW Fred Savage

Surely you remember the college teacher who made a move on Topanga, which then caused Cory to shove him through a door? Good times. In the episode, Stuart was going to be under advisement from the Dean, but I want to know if he was fired. If so, what did he end up doing with his life? He never even apologized to Topanga for being a creep, so he should at least show up on "GMW" to do the gentlemanly thing.

Eli Williams, played by Alex Désert

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He was the media relations teacher at John Adams High. Apparently, he disappeared from the show because he taught a grade Cory, Shawn and Topanga had already completed. Is he still teaching? Does he hang out with Jonathan Turner anymore?

Creepy AF janitor, played by Joe Turkel

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Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.08.54 PM

You know the one. He was also in that episode with Kenny and he also "died." I think it'd be funny to have him randomly show up in a "GMW" episode, still pushing that squeaky trash bin.

Jennifer Love Fefferman (aka Feffy), played by Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

Like Kenny and the creepy AF janitor, Feffy had a one-time stint on that "Scream" parody "BMW" episode. Again, she also "died," but whatevs. At the time, she was actually dating star Will Friedle, so that might be awkward if Eric were to also be in the episode. But since Friedle recently announced his engagement, maybe not?

Joey Epstein and Frankie Stecchino, played by Blake Soper and Ethan Suplee, respectively

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These guys were first Harley's then Griff's lackeys, bullying Cory and Shawn throughout most of their high school years. Did they grow up to actually make something of themselves, or are they still shoving people into lockers?

Dean Lila Bolander, played by Bonnie Bartlett

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Feeny's wife definitely needs to be on an episode of "GMW!" (She's also actor William Daniels' wife IRL.) Is she still the Dean of Pennbrook University? How's her marriage to Feeny been?

Janitor Bud, played by Bob Larkin

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Although he was only in seasons 2 and 3, he still found his way into our hearts... sort of. Remember that episode where Feeny fired him for leaving early to gamble at the race track? Feeny hired Bud as a secretary until Bud supposedly retired. Did he really retire? I feel like Bud could have some good words of wisdom for Harley, since he's now a janitor, too.

Kelly and Ryan, played by Brittney Powell and Justin Cooper

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Remember the mother and son Eric got involved with in one episode? Eric wasn't ready to be a dad then, but maybe he's ready now? It'd be interesting to have Kelly and Ryan stumble back into his life — even better if Kelly is still single.

Adam, played by Charlie Newmark

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After Eric's parents kick him out of the house, he moves in with Adam, aka Super Insane Parrot Dude. He sort of pulled a Norman Bates, acting like things were alive when they were really dead. (He even tries to bring out his dead mother.) I want to know if Adam got some kind of help for his delusions, or if he's still talking to that stuffed parrot.

Millie, played by Candace Cameron Bure

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Boy Meets World

Remember that time a bunch of co-ed witches tried to sacrifice Jack and Shawn to Satan? Yeah, same. Eric came in and saved the day, but what are those witches up to now? We know their leader Millie is about to be on "Fuller House," but whatevs.

Nick, played by Shane West

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Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 5.45.03 PM

He was that dude Topanga tried dating after she and Cory broke up. It'd be interesting to see them interact 9-10 years later. Also, any excuse to look at Shane West is fine by me.

Jessica, played by Keri Russell

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Feeny's niece hits it off with Eric, but then we never saw her again. Eric's doing perfectly fine on his own, but it'd be interesting to see a former lady-friend back in his life (in case things don't work out with Kelly and Ryan). Plus, Feeny should reconnect with his niece.

Luther Montolfo, played by Andrew Levitas

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Matthew Lawrence Boy Meets World

"Crazy Luther" went to college with the gang and got busted by the police for attempting to throw an illegal rave at the student union. Since Eric and Jack were the ones who turned him in, Luther vows to get them back. Cue Jack dressing up in drag to hide from Luther in plain sight. (Lala Nelson, anyone?) I'd like to see if Luther is still a wannabe thug, or if he grew up to be an upstanding citizen of society.

Mankind, played by Mick Foley

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Remember that time professional wrestler Mankind showed up on an episode of "Boy Meets World," pulled out Mr. Socko and shoved it down Jack's throat? No idea how the writers could incorporate him into "Girl Meets World," but they should definitely try.

Who'd we miss? Let us know in the comments who you'd like to see guest-star on "Girl Meets World"!



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