After Their First VMA Win Ever, What Are The Jonas Brothers Suckers For?

Plus, they weigh in on the great Taylor Ham vs. pork roll debate

Monday night (August 26) at the 2019 VMAs, the Jonas Brothers were homecoming kings. In addition to rollicking through a dynamite performance of "Sucker" and "Only Human" at Asbury Park's iconic Stone Pony music venue, the New Jersey boys finished the night by picking up the award for Best Pop — and in their acceptance speech, they made sure to mark the momentousness of the occasion.

"To get this award from the Sopranos is a Jersey dream," Joe said, shortly after accepting his Moon Person trophy from Sopranos cast members Vincent Pastore, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Drea de Matteo. But perhaps even more notable than the Garden State connection is the fact that this year's "Sucker" win marked the brotherly trio's first VMA... ever.

Though they were nominated in 2008 for "Burnin' Up," they didn't officially land a win until now. And in honor of their milestone, naturally, MTV News had to find out what Joe, Nick, and Kevin are suckers for. If you've been paying attention to the 2019 JoBros narrative (and who's been added to it), their responses will make perfect sense.

"Our wives!" Kevin said. "They're here, they're with us, supporting us. They're in the video. It's incredible." Indeed, the trio's comeback has largely been hand-in-hand with their own marriage stories, a fact prominently displayed in both the exquisitely fun "Sucker" video itself. While Kevin and his wife, Danielle, got hitched a decade ago, Joe and Sophie Turner tied the knot earlier this year, and Nick and Priyanka Chopra wed in late 2018.

Being onstage and exerting all that energy can make you work up a proper appetite, so it makes sense that Joe's mind was on food. "Jersey pizza as well," he added as another thing they're suckers for before Kevin moved things along with a hometown declaration. "We're gonna go get some of that right now!"

In a separate interview filmed ahead of their VMA performance, the bros also definitively weighed in on their home state's ever-present culinary debate about the delicacy known as Taylor Ham, also called pork roll. "The most New Jersey thing about us is probably our love for Taylor Ham egg and cheese sandwiches," Nick said. Kevin backed him up: "It's not pork roll."

Nick then broke down the ingredients of what makes "the best thing you've ever tasted" exactly that: "Bagel sandwich with egg, cheese, and salt-pepper-ketchup." Joe got hungry just at the description.

As a Western New York native, I have no dog in this fight, but if Nick, Joe, and Kevin say it's Taylor Ham, who am I to disagree? (I would like one now please.) Watch the great debate in the video above.

After that, you can see the full list of winners and revisit all the night's biggest VMA moments.

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