Cher Lloyd Warns Fans: You're Gonna Wish 'You Didn't Hear About Me'

'I will be everywhere, like a rash,' Lloyd says during 'Live From MTV.'

Cher Lloyd may be a little late on her sophomore album, but it was well worth the wait.

Three years after her debut album, the British pop star released her long-awaited second LP Sorry I'm Late on Tuesday (May 27), and she celebrated the big day by stopping by "Live From MTV."

In addition to performing two tracks off the album, including her latest single, "Sirens," she talked about how she was "relieved, excited and bit overwhelmed" about its release.

"I ain't been like this for a while," Cher said pointing to herself all done up in hair and make-up. "I've been sitting on my sofa eating Funyuns for a month."

While there is still the sassiness that we all fell in love with on her hit "Want U Back," Cher gets raw, vulnerable and emotional on this album (listen to "Human" and "Sirens"), and she credits wanting to show off that side of her to just growing up and being comfortable in her own skin.

"I would say that you go through many different things growing up and the thing for me, is I just figured out who I was that was the biggest issue for me," Cher said. "Because when you live in this kind of world, in this present time it feels like everyone else is making the decision for you. This is what you are meant to look like because it's in this magazine, or your hair should be like because it's the top rated hair style of the year, bull. It took me a while to figure it out."

And while Cher is still figuring out what her next single will be off her album, she promises you will be seeing a whole lot more of her in the upcoming months.

"I don't know about a next single, but I do know I will be everywhere, like a rash," Cher joked. "You are gonna be wishing that you didn't hear about me for a second."

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