Cut It Out! Dave Coulier Teases 'Fuller House' Return

Plus, DJ Tanner's touching tribute to Uncle Jesse is revealed.

With every passing moment, we get even more excited for "Fuller House." The latest bit of news that has us totally freaking out? Dave Coulier has officially signed on for the Netflix revival series.

The deets are sparse right now, but we do know that Coulier, who played goofy Uncle Joey for eight seasons on "Full House," is excited to reprise his role.

"Yes, I'll be on the Fuller House reunion," he confirmed on Instagram today (May 7). "And this guy, Mark Cendrowski, will be directing."

Cut it out, Uncle Joey! The anticipation is killing us. Seeing as "Fuller House" takes place in the Bay Area, Joey won't be the only familiar face to return. Actor-producer John Stamos has already signed on to guest star in the series, and Candace Cameron Bure has already promised that "Fuller House" will be a "full reunion" with the entire cast -- Olsen twins included.

Excuse us while we...

Full House Gif

Coulier's return isn't the only thing that has us jonesing for this "Full House" reunion. We now have some intel on DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler's pre-teen children.

Per TVLine, DJ's eldest son, Jesse Daniel ("JD"), is just like his namesake Uncle Jesse. (Technically, he's his great-uncle, but we've decided to spare us all the unsettling grief and just refer to him as Uncle Jesse.) Described as a musician and "ladies' man with three girlfriends," JD acts out after his father's death, which strains his relationship with his mom.

Meanwhile, DJ's younger son Max is a lot like grandpa Danny. He prefers order and tidiness, unlike his wild older bro. Max is also a tech geek who has zero rhythm -- we bet his Aunt Stephanie could help him with the latter.

As for Kimmy's daughter Ramona, she's the same age as JD (hmm), and much like her mom, she marches to the beat of her own drum. She "fully embraces her Latina heritage" and considers living with the Tanners to be #lame. Oh, and she's kinda a big deal on Insta.

It's official: we are so ready for this.

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