Julia Michaels Takes The Plunge On Vulnerable New Song With Trippie Redd

She remains as relatable as ever on 'Jump'

Julia Michaels, writer of all your fave pop songs, has a knack for taking intense emotions and turning them into certified bops (see: "Issues," "Worst in Me," etc.). Her latest offering is no exception — on "Jump," Michaels brilliantly captures the scariness of diving into a new relationship, anxiety be damned.

"'Cause now you're moving in on my skin, I move back with my lips," the 24-year-old coos over sparse electro production. "It goes against my better judgment, 'cause I, 'cause I want it." Breakout Soundcloud rapper Trippie Redd comes through with a bitter verse that tells the other side of the story — he pleads for his girl to stay instead of getting too scared to make the jump.

Michaels revealed on Instagram that "Jump" started as a voice note in her phone that frequent collaborators Justin Tranter and Nick Monson helped bring to life. She also reflected on the song in an interview with Nova 93.7, saying, "It's about wanting to sort of dive into something really quickly but you have so many hesitations because you’ve been hurt before."

"Jump" is Michaels's first single since the lusty "Heaven" from the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack. Next up, the VMA nominee is set to appear on Shawn Mendes's upcoming third album, and is expected to release her own full-length LP this year. Expect more relatable, razor-sharp songs from her soon.