Does Earl Sweatshirt Follow Eminem's Latest Work? 'Hell Nah'

Sweatshirt has some thoughts about Em fans.

Eminem dropped The Marshall Mathers LP 2 in 2013 and put together “Southpaw’s" soundtrack this year, but Earl Sweatshirt’s apparently not following any of those Shady releases.

During a recent interview with Spin, Earl was asked if he still follows "Eminem’s new stuff.” His response? A swift, “Hell nah!”

We know Em still has many die-hard fans, but here’s what Sweatshirt thinks of them: "If you still follow Eminem, you drink way too much Mountain Dew and probably need to like, come home from the army,” he said.

Earl may not like Eminem’s latest work (or his current fans), but he is happy with hip-hop in general.

"We finally went into these chambers of our own selves that we hadn’t gone into before,” he said. "Like Vince [Staples] went back to the time that changed him, which was summertime 2006 and I just kind of examined where I was at his time. Same with Future and same with Kendrick [Lamar].

"N---as are evaluating where they’re at right now," he added. "Even Drake! 'Please do not talk to me like I’m that Drake from four years ago/ I’m in a higher place.’ He’s talking to you about him right now. So any of the sh-t that’s sticking is because it’s current and honest."