Watch Broadway's 'The Lion King' Cast Give A Surprise Subway Serenade

Stand clear of the closing...AHHHHHHHH SAVENYAAAAAAAAAAA

New York City mass transit commuters are a jaded bunch. With a cacophony of drum circles, panhandlers, violinists, mariachi bands and break dancers competing to earn their daily attention (and hard-earned cash), it's easy to understand why most folks simply tune out and concentrate on their iPhones or e-books.

Which is why it's even more triumphant that a group of people were able to capture the collective attention of one full subway train. Never mind that they happen to be the uber-talented cast of Broadway's "The Lion King" – this is definitely an event akin to an army of Baby Simbas sprouting wings (though not quite as adorable).

Presumably to celebrate the dual milestone of both 2013 NYC subway ridership and the show's ticket sales totaling $1 billion (or because the actors relish any opportunity to scream at strangers without being arrested), the cast harmonized and hyena-cackled their way through a surprise performance of "Circle of Life" on an A express train.

The looks on those little girl's faces! The incredible acoustics backed by the melodic whirring of the car through the tunnel! New Yorkers not just high-fiving, but also joining in to sing along! GOOSEBUMPS.

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