Selena Gomez And Zedd Get Tangled Together On The Cover Art For Their New Single

'I Want You To Know' is slated to drop on February 23.

Until now, we’ve been so consumed by Zedd and Selena Gomez’s whirlwind romance that we almost forgot that, oh yeah, they’re also two professional musicians who are more than likely carrying their relationship into the studio.

Thankfully, Zedd confirmed rumors of a purported collaboration on Friday (February 13) and debuted the cover art for their single, “I Want You To Know,” slated for release on February 23.

The multi-colored artwork is absolutely stunning, featuring what we like to think are electric strands of (sensual? sexual?) chemistry between them. The whole vibe of the artwork may also be a clue as to what the duo’s song will sound like -- we’re thinking an upbeat, retro club banger.

One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder — who recently worked with Sel’s BFF Taylor Swift on 1989 — revealed to Billboard that he produced “I Want You To Know.” He also said that Selena “killed it” and did “a bang-up job” on the track.

The song is already one of the year’s most anticipated releases, especially after Zeddlena littered their respective Instagrams with mysterious hints like this.

We can’t wait to hear the final song in all its glory!

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