'Pretty Little Liars' 5 Years Forward: New Couples, New Secrets And A Shocking Death Revealed

Here's what went down during the last five years. (It's not all pretty.)

"Pretty Little Liars" just dropped some major bombs. We know a lot could happen in five years, but some of these developments are truly heartbreaking.

In the "5 Years Forward" special that aired Tuesday night, the "Pretty Little Liars" Powers That Be, along with the cast and crew, gave us some much needed insight into what the Liars have been up to the last five years and the future mysteries that lie ahead. Warning: it hasn't all been pretty.

TBH, it's a lot of information to process in one hour, but here's what we learned about the Liars five years later in the jam-packed special:

"Hanna is still prone to making some of the same mistakes."

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Pretty Little Liars

Oh, Hanna. By far the most ~ together ~ Liar when the show picks up five years later, Hanna thinks she has it all figured out. She’s got her dream job, her dream guy (who’s not Caleb, sob) and a giant rock on her finger.

In Season 6A’s prom episode, Caleb asked Hanna to move to New York City with him, so after graduation, the couple moved into a tiny apartment in Tribeca. Caleb continued his journey in the tech world, rising the ranks as a risk analyst and making bank doing so. Meanwhile, Hanna studied fashion at FIT. She was an intern for Zac Posen, and that’s where she met her current boss — the Anna Wintour of "Pretty Little Liars."

Hanna’s work eventually drove a wedge into her relationship with Caleb, but she was too busy to realize it. After their breakup, Hanna began to see a guy she met in Europe, and when she comes back to Rosewood, she’s engaged to the handsome mystery man.

Spencer followed her dreams to Capitol Hill.

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Spencer went off to Georgetown and "got to actually focus on academics for the first time." She and Toby really fell apart because he stayed in Rosewood. She was getting to do all the things she wanted to do — be in a major city, work in politics — and he was stuck in a small town. When we meet up with her, she's working on Capitol Hill as a lobbyist.

Toby and Caleb are "best, best friends."

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Toby inherited a lot of money from the Cavanaugh home explosion that was set off by A. So he bought three acres outside of Rosewood and is kind of just doing his thing, and when Caleb returns to Rosewood, that includes going fishing with his bro on the regular. (Such simple baes.)

But his life is turned upside-down when he saved a woman name Lyvonne Phillips from a burglary. She ends up being an important person in the story… and Toby’s life.

Emily comes back "with the biggest secret."

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After graduation, Emily packed up and went to California. However, she dropped out of college after the tragic death of her father. Papa Fields was sadly killed in action. So she started bartending in Malibu.

According to co-creator Marlene King, Emily comes back to Rosewood "with the biggest secret." She’s been keeping it from her friends. (Does this have anything to do with Paige?) Emily is, by far, the most damaged from the events of the last five years.

Ali’s in love.

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In a never-before-seen scene that took place three months after graduation, Ali and Jason visit Charlotte at Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, where she’s being treated by one Dr. Rollins.

Ali and the good Dr. start an inappropriate relationship that they have to keep on the DL (that’s not a first for Ali). "He treats her really well," Sasha Pieterse said. Plus, this is the first time we get to see Ali actually in love, so that should be a plus.

Let’s not forget that in the flash forward we saw at the end of the Season 6A finale featured Ali writing the name "Mrs. Rollins" on the chalk board. Hmm.

Aria is hiding in her work.

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When we meet Aria in Season 6B, she's in a new relationship with a guy named Liam. She’s in love again. After going to school in Georgia for photography, Aria later transferred to Boston to study her one true passion, writing. She started reading her short stories on Harvard Square. Now, she works for a publisher, and that’s when she and Ezra start working together after experiencing life apart for the last five years.

Lucy Hale says Aria is in denial about the things that happened in Rosewood. "Those years molded who they are. These are four very strong girls, and I think they’re stronger than most people their age." Aria is still hiding in her work.

Ezra is going down a dark path — and he’s turning to the bottle to cope.

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Ezra has had an eventful five years. Ezra comes back with the "most emotional damage," said King. As we saw in the Season 6A finale, Ezra eventually followed Nicole to work with Habitat For Humanity, and he was really happy. But things take a horrible turn for the worse when that gets "taken away from him quickly and violently." (Does she die?!)

When he returns to Rosewood, he has no sense of who he is or what he’s supposed to do with his life. He’s an alcoholic, and he’s going down a dark path. "There are days when I’m filming and they have to give me bloody knuckles," Ian Harding said.

Charlotte does feel remorse.

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Charlotte is remorseful about what happened, which, I guess, is comforting to know since she did ruin people’s lives. The Liars return to Rosewood after Alison reaches out and asks for her best friends to come back and give a statement of support on Charlotte’s behalf to get her released from the psychiatric hospital. Ali just wants her family back, and the Liars are going to help her get it… even if they don’t feel good about doing so.

Troian Bellisario spends more time in the makeup chair than any other Liar.

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According to "PLL"'s resident makeup artist, Troian now gets the most attention in the makeup chair because for "six years, she had the least." So expect to see Spencer rocking some serious cat eyes this season. Also, she toned down Hanna and Aria’s makeup looks, giving them a more sophisticated beauty look. Meanwhile, Emily got a more sun-kissed look to go along with her new SoCal lifestyle.

Radley is now a swanky hotel, and Spencer's barn got a makeover.

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Pretty Little Liars

Radley Sanitarium is now a boutique hotel because that’s not creepy at all! It’s fancy af these days. Over on the other side of town, Spencer’s barn got a hot, new makeover -- and it's currently Spencer's home. Bellisario said it's kind of like "a crossover from the books" because book Spencer wanted to be an interior designer. She's staying in the family barn and helping her mom run for a seat in the Senate. Hastings women FTW.

Paily might be back together omg.

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Paige and Emily Smile on Pretty Little Liars

OK, so they might not be together when "PLL" returns, but in an exclusive scene from the last five years, Ali tells Mona that the last time she talked to Emily, the Liar was on her way to see Paige at Stanford. "I think they might be dating again," Ali said. UM WHAT?! How can you drop a bomb like that on us, Marlene?

Mona applied for a summer job at Welby


…As Charlotte’s warden, no less. Mona, what exactly is your A-game here? Mona is worried about Charlotte getting out into society. She doesn’t exactly trust that the girl formerly known as A has the best intentions. After all, Charlotte has a lot of dirt on Mona and the Liars. "I’m about to start a career in the public eye, but I need to know her intentions." Fair point, but creepy execution, Mona.

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