T.I. On 'Blurred Lines' Verdict: 'I Don't Steal'

The 'Blurred Lines' verdict aftermath continues.

It seems the drama surrounding "Blurred Lines" is far from over.

After a judge asked Pharrell and Robin Thicke to pay Marvin Gaye's family $7.4 million because "Blurred Lines" sounded too much like the iconic singer's "Got To Give It Up," it seems T.I. and others may also have to pay a price. At least that's what the family is hoping for. But what does Tip think about all of this?

"I don't know what's going on," the rapper recently told TMZ. "I never really got caught up in that. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the legacy and the estate of Marvin Gaye."

The rapper went on to explain how he feels about accusations when it comes to copying anyone's work.

"I know that I'm a writer. I'm a creator. I don't steal from anybody creatively when I make my music," he explained. "I know that, and I think anybody with common sense will be able to see it whenever they listen to it."

In fact, Tip says he knows nothing will come from this. "I'll be exonerated or whatever because I know I did the right thing," he added. "I didn't steal from anybody on any of my material."

It looks like this case is far from over and will continue to cause ripples for all of the artists involved.