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Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep Kiss And Tie At Critics' Choice Awards

'Meryl's a great kisser,' Bullock says after accepting Best Actress honors.

It's a rare occasion for two nominees to tie at an awards show -- but on Friday night (January 15) at the [url id=""]Critics' Choice Movie Awards,[/url], Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock both won for Best Actress. Each lady was allowed time to complete her speech, but it was the moment in between that is sure to have everyone talking.

Streep won for her role as Julia Child in "Julie & Julia." "First, I want to thank my husband who's golfing," she laughed. "But I'm sitting next to the head of Sony Pictures, so I'm really thrilled. I'm really, really thrilled 'cause I really love what I do.

"I love acting and I love to work and I love food and I love sex -- so did Julia Child, so it wasn't that much of a stretch. I want to thank the embarrassingly gifted Stanley Tucci -- he knows why. And we're so lucky to do what we do and to give back and I hope we all do it this week. I'm really very grateful."

After Streep, Sandra Bullock's name was announced and she took the stage to accept her award for her work in the box-office hit "The Blind Side." After approaching Streep in mock anger and yelling, "This is bullsh--," she and Streep hugged and shared an open-mouth kiss.

Bullock later used her speech to address her critics and draw some funny parallels between her and Streep. "This is an honor. This one right here [Streep] inspired me to do everything better. To the critics -- I bet you never saw this coming and you might never again," she continued. "My agent ... you have a hard time finding me work, 'cause I don't want to leave home 'cause I love food and sex. We're so lucky to be here tonight when so many are in pain. I don't know what to say, but Meryl's a great kisser."