TomorrowWorld Comes To America! Dive In For Exclusive Sneak Peek Of Water-Themed Festival

MTV News takes an exclusive tour of the festival grounds in preparation for this weekend's EDM celebration.

CHATTAHOOCHEE HILLS, Georgia -- [article id="1714554"]TomorrowWorld 2013[/article] is officially here. And alongside 50,000 of electronic music's biggest fans, MTV News will be there for the party. To prepare, we got an exclusive tour of the festival grounds from the people responsible for the insane artistic adventure that is TomorrowWorld.

Eight main stages stretch over 500 acres of land in the rural hills of Atlanta, Georgia. Each stage is completely unique in size, location, structure and genre of performance. The main stage will host the 180-by-90-foot "Book of Wisdom" set that made its first festival appearance at the 2012 Tomorrowland festival in Belgium. Each book in the structure is individual named ("Beauty and the Beat," "Book of Mirrors," etc.), and in the center of it all is a huge LED screen that opens and closes throughout the festival. According to the festival's project director, Shawn Kent, 25,000 people can fit at this stage during peak performances.

For those of you who love EDM but don't want to fight the crowd, LIV nightclub traveled to Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, from Miami, Florida, and brought along its entire management crew and wait service to make things a little more comfortable. A table at the Sky Loft goes for around $10,000, but there's also the Ocean Club nearby, complete with a full-size pool, plush white couches and oversize plastic Gerber daisies to set the scene. David Grutman, LIV's owner-operator, had lots to say on the notorious nightclub's cameo at the festival, promising, "You never know what's gonna happen when LIV comes to TomorrowWorld." Next to the LIV Ocean Club is the Mushroom stage, which looks exactly like its name suggests.

Moving away from the main stage at the very heart of the festival is the Icon Stage. In the shape of the TomorrowWorld butterfly, the stage is built half on land and half on water for what's sure to be a very unique performance experience. Another water-involved stage is the Waterfront Stage, where both the Fool's Gold and Mad Decent teams will perform. Located on a pristine natural lake, rumor has it that when the sun goes down, fire-breathing fish will come up. The stage also features real and LED-screen waterfalls all around the DJ booth for a breathtaking visual in front of the water. Over the bridge and around the corner, fans can enter the hard-style-genre Q Stage, which mimics the shape of a giant scorpion.

Each stage at TomorrowWorld is specifically designed and orchestrated to give audience members the ultimate fantasy experience. From the scorpion at the Q Stage to the lily pads of the Waterfront, fans will have an entire world to explore this coming weekend.

Check back all weekend long for MTV News' coverage of TomorrowWorld!