'Challenge' Champ Paula Beckert Welcomes Baby Boy

And the woman known as 'Walnuts' has named him after a very powerful Titan!

It's Paula Beckert's "Challenge" m.o. to feel like she's carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, and it appears she's ready to pass on the required strength through her family tree.

Paula Beckert's Instagram


The "Rivals II" champ, who announced she was pregnant in February, officially became a parent with husband Jack Beckert this weekend. And last night, she tweeted that the couple decided to name their new baby boy after a particularly powerful Titan.

"#imamommy :)" Paula wrote, before informing a Twitter follower that Atlas was the newborn's official title. Move over, Johnny Bananas -- it sounds like we've got a future gold medal MVP on our hands! If Atlas can hold up the cosmos on his back, it's safe to say he'll see little to no competition.

Can you believe the former "Real World: Key West" housemate is officially a mom? Be sure to congratulate Walnuts on her new bundle of joy!

Photo: Cedric Arnold

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