These Videos Of Lindsay Lohan Steaming An Artichoke Will Make You Forget About That Goddamn Dress

There is no dress. There is no dress. There is no dress.

You know that dress from Twitter that some people think is gold and white and others think is black and blue? That dress has ruined me, and there's only one thing I'm capable of doing at the moment: watching these videos where Lindsay Lohan steams an artichoke.

The actress of stage and screen posted two videos on Instagram today detailing her food prep process, and it's honestly the most relaxing thing I've seen in years. Perfect for nights when your sanity's been compromised by a picture of a f--king dress that is CLEARLY WHITE AND GOLD OH MY GOD.

Sorry. Here's LiLo boiling and steaming the artichoke. Those bubbles. The warm water. Drift softly into the halcyon void.

"Voilà, et j'ai fini. Steamed my artichoke," Lindsay calmly narrates over the muted clanging of silverware.

Let the IG video loop. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Clear your mind of all thoughts. When you open your eyes again, you'll have forgotten all about those trash bag garbage monsters who think the dress is black and blue.