Pharrell's 'Scent For Humans' Is Here

Because it feels like a new Pharrell collaboration gets announced everyday, we don't blame you if you forgot that his very first Comme des Garçons perfume GIRL is out this week. And as if Pharrell sensed that we were already swimming in news of all his projects, he put together another friendly reminder that's one-part video promo, another puppet show (?).

The video starts off normal enough with the string-laden opening of "Marilyn Monroe" set to a graphic that describes the "high-quality woody scent" and shows the Kaws-designed bottle in all of its quirky glory. Then we see the bottle hoisted into the air by Pharrell's hand which he moves like a puppet while talking about the scent.

Um, I'm not sure how well a perfume bottle doubles as a puppet, but it's at least effective in the sense that you don't want to look away. If anything, it also shows that Pharrell could easily have another career as a children's show host.

Look for the fragrance—which is meant for all humans—at Sephora.

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