Jean-Ralphio Tries To Convince Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson To Star in "The Hobbit"

Above is a video for something called "Youtube Comedy Week," which apparently is a real thing and no one of authority feels it to be in any way redundant, like comedy on YouTube is going to cease after a seven-day window or something BUT I DIGRESS.

The video features Ben Schwartz as a character that may or may not be Jean-Ralphio from "Parks and Recreation" trying to convince Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn to make either of "Lincoln" or "The Hobbit" into a buddy comedy. The pair scoffs at the idea — or at least Vaughn does — but we have to admit, "Lincoln" as a buddy comedy featuring Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth as roommates-gone-bad at least has some potential, even if that potential could be considered wildly offensive to many.

Vaughn as "The Hobbit" would be kind of funny too, at least for five or ten minutes. "What, do I have hair on my feet now? Is that what hobbits have? They don't, they don't feel like that stuff needs to be trimmed at all? Ok. I mean it's not my ideal giddyup, but I get it. I get it."

This all of course is a not-so-cleverly disguised promo for "The Internship," in theaters June 7th.