This Little Girl Completely Shuts Down When She Meets Adam Levine

Poor Mila.

By now, millions of folks have seen a mother on YouTube reducing the cutest 3-year-old in the world to tears by telling her that Adam Levine is married. Thankfully, the little girl's romance with the Maroon 5 frontman got a second chance all because of Ellen DeGeneres.

On learning that her chances of marrying Adam Levine are nil -- Mila, hurt, moved on. Apparently her mother Emily didn't get that memo, because out she and Mila flew to L.A. to "The Ellen Show." There, the little girl sat down for an interview where she received a Levine patterned outfit from DeGeneres -- and then was surprised by a hug from Levine himself.

Mila was less than ecstatic.

She cordially accepts a flower from "The Voice" judge, and when he picked her up she immediately wanted out. In the ensuing awkwardness, DeGeneres asks Levine if he'd seen the video, and according to Levine, he thought it was "adorable."

"Every single person that I know in my entire life sent it to me," Levine said. "Then [you and I spoke, Ellen] and here we are. Clearly, she's transfixed," he says as Mila burrows into her mother as far as humanly possible from the love of her life. Aww.

Watch the cute video below.