Wale's Treating Meek Mill's 'DWMTM' As If It's His Album: Here's Why

Wale also talks about overcoming his 'rough patch' with Meek Mill.

Meek Mill's Dreams Worth More Than Money is out now, but the release is also quite special for Wale. On Sunday (Jun. 28), Folarin spoke with MTV News on the BET Awards red carpet in Los Angeles about how important this project is to him.

"I feel like my album is releasing tomorrow," he said.

Wale - who clearly heard the LP before most people - also gave us a review of DWMTM when we asked him to compare it to Milly's debut, Dreams And Nightmares.

"You really could tell he’s two years older," Folarin said. "It’s apples to oranges. One is like young Meek. One is grown Meek like, ‘I know who I am. I know what’s going on. I’m wise. I’ve lost friends. Some of my friends [are] locked up. Some of them [are] gone. I’ve been through this that and the third. But also, I know how to write and compose music.’ Meek is a real live monster now."

These kind words show that their relationship has also seen growth.

"We sit and talk about how much we’ve changed as artists," he explained. "We went through a little rough patch or whatever but that’s family...We’re just a brotherhood. We’re both competitive. We both want to be the best. We’re both crazy. All of us are. Every artist is crazy."

Their bond is so strong, in fact, that the Album About Nothing MC wanted to continue shining a light on Meek's album when asked about his own new material.

"I’m working on a lot of new music," he said. "You might hear it on my Snapchat from time to time…But the way I operate is it’s about to be Meek time so I’m gon' just let Meek do what he’s gotta do while I’m cookin’ up."

You heard the man. It's Meek season. So, enjoy Dreams Worth More Than Money here:

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