Nick Jonas And Shay Mitchell Get All Wet In the Super Sexy ‘Under You’ Video

The singer celebrates the release of 'Last Year Was Complicated' with another steamy clip

What if James Bond’s greatest enemies weren’t international terrorist rings but... his own feelings?

That seems to be the question Nick Jonas floats in his latest video, a steamy, slick affair with Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell.

Jonas drives home to his girl in a fancy car, only to find their apartment has been ransacked by a major case of the feels. He stands longingly in the rain outside the front door for, like, 10 minutes. He finds his poor GF crying in the shower with all her jewelry still on.

All that angst quickly turns to thirst, though, as is wont to happen when you find yourself in the shower with a Jonas brother. (Luckily, “A” is nowhere in sight to ruin the moody couple’s good time.)

Jonas’s new album, Last Year Was Complicated, is out today (and shot up to the top of the iTunes charts within 45 minutes of its midnight release, no less), and his big brother Joe couldn’t be prouder.

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