Lena Dunham Just Gave A Very Special Shout-Out To 'The Hills'

Find out what her 'Girls' character Hannah had to say about the MTV ladies.

Even though "The Hills" followed a crew of real Tinseltown people and "Girls" centers around a group of fictional guys and (duh) gals, there's no denying the similarities and themes present in both of the highly addictive series: relationship troubles, big city dreams, awkward run-ins and oh, everlasting chaos. But Lena Dunham's character Hannah Horvath doesn't see the common thread between her and Lauren Conrad/Kristin Cavallari's respective gangs, and she made that crystal clear -- just like Spencer Pratt's precious gems.



During last night's episode of the HBO series, the quirky writer had a candid phone conversation with her parents about the happenings in her life. Specifically, she talked about the unsettling reaction she had when a potential love interest called her dramatic.

"I'm not a person who is going to sugarcoat things," H lamented to her mother. "I'm a person who really gets a lot. And I'm also a person who sees the darkness in life," she continued before her MTV-centric shoutout.

"I'm not a f**king character on 'The Hills' -- I'm responding to real issues," the New Yorker spit out in priceless fashion, before adding that she's trying to "respond to the financial crisis" and help the homeless.

Well, rescuing Lady Gaga from a probable wardrobe malfunction isn't saving the world, per say -- but LC and Whitney Port did swoop in and mend the situation effortlessly. And we'd argue that we learned plenty of life lessons during the show's tenure, but we digress...

What did you think of "The Hills"'s mention? Sound off in the comments, and re-watch some of the girls' best pieces of advice doled out through the years.

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