Amber Rose Is Totally Unrecognizable With Long Hair And Bangs

If there's one thing we know for sure in this world, it's that Amber Rose pulls off a shaved head like none other. In April, she shared a photo of herself with long red hair and our Instagram scrolling immediately stopped—seeing her with long hair was totally foreign. Well, good news—if you're into being shocked by Amber Rose and the transformative power of wigs, she just shared a photo that will be totally into.

Yeah, so, not only does she have long, blonde hair, but also bangs. Like, heavy bangs! If you saw this person walking down the street, there's no way you'd recognize her, right? Imagine walking by Amber Rose and not recognizing her immediately—it's almost unfathomable!

While it seems that Amber kept her red hair experiment confined to Instagram, if she ever needs to lay low while running errands, these bangs will help her achieve, like, complete anonymity.

We can't wait to see what style she'll try next—Amber knows how spice up our Instagram feeds among endless photos of Eggs Benedict and for that, we thank her.