Video Q&A: Emily Blunt Tells Nerds to Just Enjoy 'Looper'

Whether it's by design or not, Emily Blunt is fast becoming to go-to actress for slick sci-fi flicks.

Last year there was the Matt Damon-versus-men in hats thriller "The Adjustment Bureau." Next year there's the highly anticipated Tom Cruise-vs.-aliens actioner "All You Need Is Kill." And, of course, this week, there she is caught in the middle of a Joseph Gordon-Levitt-Bruce Willis self-off in Rian Johnson's raved-about time traveler "Looper."

Does Ripley need to watch her back?

"I don't think anyone can top Sigourney Weaver," Blunt laughs. "It's not that I've done them consecutively, it just seems to be people are saying I'm doing a lot of sci-fi. But they've all been so different to me."

As for the masses that will surely scrutinize the science behind the mind-trip that is "Looper," Blunt's got a message for them.

"Nerds," she says playfully. "Stop dissecting it, just enjoy it."

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