Harry Styles, ‘Watermelon Sugar,’ And 'Fine Line'’s Fruit Fixation

We look back at Harry's finest foodie moments, from the bakery to the confectionary carnage of 'Kiwi'

If there’s one direction in which Harry Styles travels, it’s toward the nearest refrigerator.

We know how serious he is about his craft — when he hosted Saturday Night Live in November, he spent part of his monologue even “playing” the piano — but the 25-year-old singer seems to love a good snack almost as much. It makes sense: He used to work in a bakery, after all. He’s also released several songs named after fruits. And remember back in 2014, when he even dressed as a banana for a One Direction show in Charlotte, North Carolina? That’s just the beginning.

Ahead of his new album, Fine Line, set to drop on December 13 (and its fruit-filled tracklist), we’ve decided to conduct a little investigation: Is Harry’s entire music career actually a series of tributes to his favorite foods? You might laugh, but the proof is quite literally in the pudding.

A “Kiwi” food fight

Across One Direction’s five albums, not one song was named for any kind of food. So when Harry released “Kiwi” from his 2017 self-titled album, fans weren’t surprised to see the often hungry, now-solo singer – who reportedly was dating a food blogger that year – go in a more satiating direction. “Kiwi” isn’t so much about food as it’s an ode to a real firecracker of a flame from New Zealand, and a mention of “hard candy” is its only (risqué) suggestion of something edible. But its video is where Harry’s sweet tooth kicks in.

In the clip, a group of kids armed with buttercream cupcakes, frosted macaroons, and a massive amount of other desserts pile into a mountain of madness for the ultimate food fight. Sugar shoots across the sky and creams and frostings get smeared on the children’s faces. Harry comes in at the end for a brief second, but he isn’t actually pictured eating anything. Instead he’s got his arms full with a puppy. (Thankfully, no harm comes to it.)

An empty-table heartbreak

The last track of Harry’s debut album is “From the Dining Table,” a somber and sobering look at heartbreak. On the track, he’s sulking in a hotel room, upset and empty at the fact that his partner has left him. He’s praying that they call and possibly say sorry for what happened, even as he wakes up with someone who looks just like them. When he performed the tune at the Grammy Museum in September of 2017, he revealed that it was “probably the most honest that I’ve been in a song.” Its name suggests that it could be dedicated to his ex, food blogger Tess Ward, who he reportedly split with that June. No food to speak of, but perhaps the empty table is... a metaphor.

“Watermelon Sugar” and more sweets

Two years later, Harry’s back into the crafty spread. “Watermelon Sugar,” which he debuted on SNL, is about an intense attraction, wrapped up in a delicious set of descriptions that’ll remind you to eat your fruit: “Tastes like strawberries” and “I want more berries.” The refrain of “watermelon sugar high” practically guarantees you’ll be going in the fridge for a bite.

In addition to “Watermelon Sugar,” another track on the album is called “Cherry,” which Harry told Zane Lowe is "about being not great." "I wanted it to reflect how I felt then. I was feeling not great," he said. Fruits are both sweet and tart, after all.

Treat people (and fish) with kindness

Last week, Harry dropped a tasty video for “Adore You” that you can practically smell through the screen. In it, Harry, a lonely bright-smiled fellow on the island of Eroda, becomes best buds with a friendless fish. They become eating buddies – Harry snacks on chips and the fish chomps down on fish food – and after every meal, the fish grows larger; it’s almost as if the path to growing as a person is to wolf down plate after plate.

Eventually, the fish can’t be contained to its tiny bowl. To make sure his new friend can be fine, Harry decides to free it into the ocean with the help of the island’s citizens who have become kind to his plight. The narrator (an awesome voice cameo by Rosalía) reveals that the town has become much nicer in the end. As a tease, there’s a baker’s set of delicious cupcakes shown, just to let you know that this is probably what Harry ate after the shoot ended. The feast goes on.

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