Justin Bieber Is Taking Audience Participation To Crazy New Heights On His Purpose Tour

See all the cool ways he's been meeting his Beliebers

We’re a mere two weeks into Justin Bieber’s nine-month-long Purpose World Tour, and already, it’s shaping up to be one for the history books. Part of that can be credited to the stellar album he’s supporting, which is arguably his best batch of music to date. And then there’s his killer opening act, fearless fashion choices, and surprise special guests.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Purpose Tour, though, is how Justin’s taking audience participation to crazy new heights by getting his fans involved. Check out five of the best examples we’ve seen so far.

He’s letting them do his hair.

During his show in San Jose last week, JB enlisted a lucky (and surprisingly steady-handed) fan to style his bleached locks into the tiniest of manbuns. He gets a little picky about his nub, question how tight she’s tying it and whether it’s sitting centrally on his head. But she did a stand-up job, and they hugged it out in the end.

He’s making sure to meet his fans backstage.

Sure, this is something a lot of artists do, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Browse through Twitter on any given Purpose tour night and you’ll see DOZENS of similar pics of Justin meeting his fans and making their nights even more special.

He’s proclaiming his love for the “next generation.”

In fan-shot video from Justin’s show in Sacramento last week, he’s seen talking to a little girl named Mia, whom he hoisted onstage. “All right, so this is the next generation right here,” he said, holding her hand up and then giving her a huge hug.

Speaking of the children, he’s also giving them the chance to dance with him onstage.

Before the tour kicked off, we told you about the contest Justin’s doing in each city where he asks fans to send in videos of them dancing to “Children.” This vid from his concert in Oakland, California, shows what the lucky winners get to do: dance with him onstage and then get introduced to an arena full of people cheering them on. Quite possibly the coolest way to get your fans involved in your concert, right?

He’s getting super up close and personal with them.

This is Justin’s first world tour in three years, and a lot’s happened since then. Some fans have left him behind after his string of scandals and bad press, but a lot haven’t. So to celebrate his connection with his Beliebers, Justin has been literally reaching out to them, getting down on their level, and giving them intimate moments they won't forget.