11 Celebs Who Fooled Us All With Their Secret Cosplay Disguises

You sneaky moms!

When you're a celebrity at San Diego Comic-Con, it's got to be pretty trippy seeing everyday regular folk walking around in elaborate costumes that make them look exactly like you. Unless you're one of these celebs, of course -- the few, the proud, the totally awesome who sneak around incognito dressed as their favorite TV, film and comics characters. Check out some of our favorites below:

Daniel Radcliffe


Of course, first and foremost on our list is DanRad himself, who took part in SDCC 2014 by walking the floor in a Spider-Man mask. LOLOL, you probably even saw him and never even knew!

Maisie Williams

Never to be outdone by a mere man, Arya Stark -- erm, Maisie Williams -- took on the DanRad challenge and also dressed as the webbed one last year. Who wore it best?!

Jaden Smith

jaden smith iron man

Sometimes you don't even need to be at a convention to rock your best secret cosplay. Sometimes, a hangout sesh with Kendall Jenner is all one needs to bring out their inner Tony Stark.

Osric Chau

"Supernatural" alum Chau is a cosplay freak, and we mean that in the best way possible. He tends to attend "SPN" conventions in various states of ridiculous garb, but our favorite was definitely from last year's SDCC, when he dressed as a character from "Journey" and surprised even his cast mates.

Peter Jackson

Always be kind to the Evil Jester standing in line in front of you at SDCC -- you never know when it might be legendary film director Peter Jackson in disguise, like at SDCC '14.

Adam Savage

This "Mythbusters" guru is here to break the myth that you won't see him walking the floor at SDCC -- every year -- in a different crazy outfit. Last year's go-round, as John Hurt's dearly departed Kane character from "Alien," was probably his best yet.

Jack Black

Jack Black's choice to dress as a Stormtrooper definitely allowed him to blend in -- it cost him $200 bucks, but at least he was able to buy some damn figurines in peace?

Bryan Cranston


2014 might have had the highest number of secretly cosplayed celebrities, but 2013 had our personal favorite -- Bryan Cranston, masked as his own most famous character, Walter White. He even (graciously) posed for photos in the darn thing with unsuspecting fans, which is reason 293,193 to love him.

Matt Smith

2013 also boasted the Eleventh Doctor -- during his final year repping "Doctor Who" at the Con, sniff -- hitting the floor as Bart Simpson, and fully utilizing his best American accent. It was all pretty adorable-slash-maddening, as nobody at the "Doctor Who" merch booth was willing to chat with him.

Audrina Patridge

You know what's a good way to go completely incognito? With full body-paint and a mask, of course! Just ask "The Hills" star Audrina Patridge, who hit the Con floor in 2014 as Mystique.

Simon Pegg

Pssst... Simon... it's not really a secret if you tweet about it and give us advance warning? But still -- nice work.

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