'Snow White' Star Kristen Stewart Never Wants To Get Back On A Horse

Portraying a pretty princess isn't as easy as might look, especially when said lovely lady isn't so much the sit-on-a-throne-and-eat-crumpets type but rather the horse-riding-sword-wielding-butt-kicking-heroine sort. And Kristen Stewart isn't shy about saying as much when discussing her upcoming fairy tale flick "Snow White and the Huntsman." Our own Josh Horowitz hopped the pond to chat with the actress about the highly anticipated film, and when talk turned to the skills she picked up on set, KStew was quick to reveal which one she won't revisit anytime soon.

"I never want to get back on a horse," Kristen said with a devilish grin. "I love them. I think they're beautiful. I love their energy. I love being around them. I love petting their soft little noses. I just hate telling them what to do."

You can hardly blame her, especially considering that she freely admits she's no equine whisperer.

"And, by the way, as soon as I get on a horse he's like, 'Idiot, I'm not listening to you,'" she said.

But we have a feeling Kristen is just being modest considering what stunt coordinator Steve Dent told MTV News about her riding abilities: "She was nervous to start with and continues to be slightly nervous about it, which is good, because it means she's not so gung ho and likely to do anything stupid. She's very cautious. She's done some lovely stuff."

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