New 'Legend Of Tarzan' Trailer Gives Us What We Want: More Shirtless Alexander Skarsgård

When did Tarzan become a superhero?

Legend of Tarzan's newest trailer proves what we've suspected for years: Tarzan is secretly a superhero. Or at least that's what Warner Bros. wants you to believe. (It's only a matter of time before he joins the Justice League.)


The embattled film, starring Alexander Skarsgård as the titular Man of the Jungle, gives us a different take on the classic story we all know so well. In this latest telling, Tarzan has been domesticated and lives in London with his beloved Jane (Margot Robbie), but is called back to his jungle home when he becomes a pawn in Captain Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz)'s nefarious game. Unfortunately for Rom, he's messing with the wrong guy. The film looks like it kind of turns into a messy, "Animal v. Man" CG-spectacle from there, but hey, at least there's plenty of shirtless Skarsgård to keep us entertained.

If director David Yates (who left Tarzan in post-production to helm Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them -- yikes) wanted to save this movie from getting pummeled at the summer box office, he would have added 100 percent more Phil Collins. Don't believe us?

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Legend of Tarzan swings into theaters July 1, 2016.