Don’t Tell Cara Delevingne Her Sexuality Is 'Just A Phase'

She knows who she is.

Paper Towns” is being released a week from today (July 17), and that’s giving star Cara Delevingne plenty of time to talk about the movie . . . and the whole bisexuality controversy with Vogue.

Delevingne has stated that she’s bisexual, but when the magazine published a story about her, it said her sexuality might just be a phase. Some fans and LGBT activists started a petition about it, arguing it was an unfair stereotype, and now Delevingne herself is speaking out.

And even though the 22-year-old is actually pretty laid-back about the whole thing, she wants to make the truth clear. In a new interview with The New York Times, Delevingne says she’s “flattered” by the people speaking up for her, and admitted she didn’t find the Vogue article “malicious.” Still, she did insist Vogue's sentiment is inaccurate.

“My sexuality is not a phase,” she said succinctly. “I am who I am.”

There are a number of stereotypes about LGBT people out there, including the whole “it’s just a phase" assumption, so it can be pretty helpful for people with Cara Delevingne-sized platforms to speak up. She’s not going to go all “Bad Blood” on someone who misunderstands, but she’ll make sure people aren’t dismissive of her being herself.

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