A Completely Unrecognizable Colton Haynes Shocked Everyone On 'Scream Queens'

He played a wart-covered hospital patient named Tyler

Warning: There are spoilers for the most recent Scream Queens episode below.

Tuesday night's episode of Scream Queens was filled with steamy shower moments, demon hands, and a giant wart-covered hospital patient. Colton Haynes guest-starred on the campy horror comedy, but you probably wouldn't have noticed it was him unless you saw his tweet before the episode aired. He played Tyler, an Encyclopedia Brown fan fiction connoisseur, who is covered from head to toe in giant warts. (The episode was appropriately titled “Warts and All.”) While he's getting “treated” at the hospital, Tyler falls for Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin), who vows to help fix his malady.

During the episode, fans got a clue Haynes was playing warty Tyler when he held up a picture of his “super hot” self before warts overtook his body. Tyler and Chanel #5 quickly became boyfriend and girlfriend, but their love was drastically cut short when a mysterious person wheeled Tyler into surgery and cut his body with a high-powered laser, ultimately killing him. Womp womp.

Haynes said his makeup took a ghastly “five hours” to apply. Breslin shared a pic on Instagram of “#Tynelnumber5,” their characters' new ship name, and John Stamos, who plays the handsy Dr. Brock Holt, posted a behind-the-scenes photo with Haynes.

Fans were completely upset Tyler died, but they seemed even more troubled that his and Chanel #5's relationship was D.O.A. Seriously, though, homegirl can't catch a damn break in the love department, especially because Chanel (Emma Roberts) keeps saying #5 has teeth lurking in her vagina.

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