Metal File: Hard & Heavy News On Black Sabbath, Pantera, Judas Priest, Slipknot, Death Angel, Lamb Of God, And More

Plus news on Hanoi Rocks, Dimmu Borgir, Bleeding Through, Fu

Greetings, fellow metal followers. This week has been pretty

insane as I try to adjust getting back into the world of working again.

I've spent a lot of time listening to Bleeding Through's new album, This Is Love, This Is Murderous, and I really dig it. I know they've been around for a while, but I think this album really pulls it together for them. I saw Bleeding play in San Diego while I was out West, and they blew me away. I think big things are gonna come from this band. Their frontman, Brandan, has a lot of old John Joseph soul

in what he's doing, and the band is tight and heavy as all hell. It also doesn't hurt that their keyboard player, Marta, is cute as all hell.

Besides that, I've been getting lots of details on the Slayer box set Sound of Apocalypse, which I think will be killer. I also heard the new Hanoi Rocks, and it's actually pretty good, especially for a band just getting back together. Well, that's it for me. Stay true and I'll see you at the shows.

Black Box, the delayed box set from Black Sabbath, will now boast some extras when it arrives early next year. In addition to all of the band's albums from Ozzy Osbourne's days with the band, the collection will also include a DVD of never-before-seen live footage. ... Damageplan, the eclectic thrash band featuring

Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell and drummer Vinnie Paul with ex-Halford guitarist Patrick Lachman on vocals, have bumped the release of their debut album, New Found Power, to February 10. Tracks include "Wake Up," "Breathing New

Life," "Cold Blooded" and "F--- You," which features guest vocals by Slipknot's Corey Taylor. ... Judas Priest will begin their retrospective cavalcade on December 9 with the DVD "Electric Eye," which features 13 music videos, the out-of-print 1986 concert video "Priest ... Live!" and seven BBC television appearances. Videos include "Living After Midnight," "Breaking the Law," "You've Got Another Thing Comin'," "Freewheel Burning," "Love Bites," "Turbo Lover," "Painkiller" and their cover of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode." The band reunited with singer Rob Halford in July, and

is currently working on material for a new album. ...

Morbid Angel will embark on a tour with Pantera singer Phil Anselmo's group Superjoint Ritual. Dates start November 4 in Baltimore and run through November 24 in Chicago. Morbid

Angel will also perform at the New Jersey Metal and Hardcore Festival on November 14 as well as at four solo shows during the tour. The band's latest album, Heretic, came out September 23. Superjoint Ritual continue to support their second disc, A Lethal Dose of American Hatred, which was released July 22. ... Dimmu Borgir will hit the road with Nevermore, Children of Bodom and Hypocrisy for a tour that kicks off on November 7 in Buffalo. ... Lamb of God are currently shooting what they are promising to be a surreal and disturbing video for "Ruin," the next single off their album As the Palaces Burn. Lamb are also working on a DVD for next year that will include live footage from Hellfest and the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, their videos, and interview and behind-the-scenes footage. ...

Bleeding Through plan to shoot a video in the next few weeks for "On Wings of Lead," the first single from the Orange County, California, band's third album, This Is Love, This Is Murderous. Having just returned home from a string of dates supporting AFI and then Sworn Enemy, Bleeding Through are gearing up for a

lengthy tour with Chimaira. ... Thrash journeymen Death Angel have signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records and are working on a new album. ... Iced Earth have released a four-song single on SPV Records featuring the debut of new vocalist Tim "Ripper"

Owens. The band's next full length is due in mid-January. ... Carnal Forge will enter Studio Underground on February 3 to begin recording their fifth full-length album for Century Media Records. ... Crowbar have changed the working title of their upcoming CD to Life's Blood for the Downtrodden dispensing with

the previous title, You Don't Need and Enemy to Have a War. ...

Fu Manchu have recorded six new demo tracks, including a cover of Black Flag's "Six Pack." When the tracks might surface, however, has yet to be determined; the band is currently looking for a label and management. ... Norwegian authorities apprehended Varg Vikernes, a central figure of the early '90s black metal scene who

once went by the name Count Grishnâckh, after he failed to return to a low-security "open prison" while out on a day pass. According to the Norwegian press, several prominent politicians in his home country are now questioning why Vikernes, sentenced to Norway's maximum jail term of 21 years in 1994 for the arson of three churches and the murder of his former friend (and Mayhem guitarist)

Euronymous , was transferred to an "open prison" in the first place. Vikernes, who has continued to record and release ambient albums as Burzum from jail and who has renounced Satanism in favor of white supremacist ideology in the last few years, forcibly stole a car from a family of three during his escape, according to reports, and was caught by police the next day. ...

Blood Has Been Shed, Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones' "other" band, recently shot a video for "She Speaks to Me," from their latest album, Spirals. The clip was directed by Jason Arambulo (Lamb of God, Black Dahlia Murder). ... Swedish death metal veterans Dismember will release their sixth album, Where Ironcrosses Grow, early next year. The disc was recorded in Stockholm at Sami studio and will include the songs

"Tragedy of the Faithful," "Sword of Light," "Chasing the Serpent," "Me-God" and the title track. A still-untitled double DVD will be released on January 26, and will include a full concert in Stockholm from May 2003 and a 90- minute video documentary. ... Dwid, vocalist with Cleveland's Integrity, has started a project called Sledgehammer with members of the European bands Congress and Liar. Integrity's split EP with the band First Blood, the third in Deathwish Recordings' "Dead Man's Hand" split single series, is due early next year. ...

God Among Insects -- a new death metal group composed of Entombed vocalist Jorgen Sandstrom, The Project Hate guitarist Lord K, Sanctification bassist Tomas Elofsson and Vomitory drummer Tobias

Gustafsson -- hope to have their debut album available next year. ... Deicide have resumed their North American tour following an incident on October 21 in Buffalo, New York, in which guitarist Eric Hoffman was arrested for trying to cross the Canadian border with drugs. The musician was held overnight, then released. The tour resumed October 27 in Nashville and runs through November 22. ... 36 Crazyfists will release their second album, A Snow Covered Romance, in February. The record was produced by James Paul Wisner and mixed by Andy Sneap. Tracks will include "The Heart and the Shape,"

"Bloodwork," and "At the End of August," which was originally on the "MTV2 Headbangers Ball" soundtrack.

—compiled by [article id="1453177"]Iann Robinson,[/article] Ryan J. Downey, Robert Mancini and Jon Wiederhorn

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