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Justin Bieber Is Taking Legal Action Over Those Nude Pics

Bieber's team is feverishly working to shut down the paparazzi pics that went viral on Wednesday.

Justin Bieber's legal team is not happy with the New York Daily News, and they're threatening legal action as a consequence.

The site published nude images of the pop singer on Wednesday (Oct. 7), taken during a candid moment on a balcony during his vacation in Bora Bora. A small modesty bar was added on to conceal his private parts, but it didn't take long for the original, uncensored images to make their way onto the internet and put Bieber on full, unintended display.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bieber's lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to the NYDN shortly after the images were published to the site, demanding they be removed within 12 hours of receipt. As of Thursday night, though, the site has still not deleted the content.

The attorney letter does confirm that the images are, in fact, of Bieber, but they claim the photos are unauthorized because they violate his publicity and privacy rights, and infringe upon his intellectual property.

"We recently became informed that your company has obtained and is distributing unauthorized photographs of our Client including images showing him without clothing," the letter reads. Bieber's team is reportedly ready to initiate a formal suit in the event that the photos are not removed.

The photo agency responsible for the images, however, insists there was no foul play. Speaking to The Independent, FameFlyNet UK claimed there is "no invasion of privacy" involved in the case.