Kenneth Branagh Talks 'Thor' 3-D Effects And The Bifrost Bridge Scene

The release of "Thor" is creeping ever closer, and director Kenneth Branagh sat down for a thoughtful interview with Polish viewers to talk about the upcoming movie. While talking about comparisons to Odysseus and Shakespeare, Branagh also went into detail on 3D effects and a scene involving Bifrost Bridge.

In a FilmWeb interview posted at Daily Motion, Branagh said about 3-D filming and conversion, “I think that it’s a fantastic tool for the right kinds of stories. I think it’s developing . . . For us, we felt as though we could be a little more immersive with the way we develop the 3-D here. We spent a long time sculpting it, so it was not only about things coming out and hitting you. It was about layer and depth, so that as much as a hammer or snow or stars whizzing by you.”

“We absolutely shaped it, shot-for-shot, scene-for-scene for the movie. I’m proud of what we did with it," he added.

It also sounds as if the Bifrost Bridge should look fantastic when it finally appears in the film's Asgard-set scenes.

"An image that was absolutely central to me wanting to do this film was to have six warriors ride on horses across the rainbow bridge in the middle of space,” Branagh explained. “Seemed to me weirdest, weirdest, most brilliant, thrilling image.”

While he has quite of bit of experience in the movie world, he let us know he hasn’t been involved with anything like this before. “This is my twelfth movie. It’s unquestionably enormous by comparison with anything else I’ve ever done.”

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