Reese Witherspoon Can Still ‘Bend And Snap’ 15 Years After 'Legally Blonde'

What, like it's hard?

Believe it or not, it’s been a whole 15 years since the pink-clad, chihuahua-toting, sorority sister turned law student Elle Woods bent and snapped her way into our hearts in Legally Blonde. Even after all that time, though, Reese Witherspoon can still nail her character’s iconic move -- and she’s shared the video to prove it.

To celebrate Legally Blonde’s big 1-5, the actress posted a GIF on Instagram of her recreating the “bend and snap” (which, as you’ll remember, has a 98 percent rate of getting a man’s attention and, when used appropriately, has an 83 percent rate of return on a dinner invitation). “Happiest #LegallyBlonde15 💖🎉💕💁🏼” she captioned the post.

The official Instagram account also shared a video of Witherspoon demonstrating the move step-by-step, in case you somehow forgot the order in which to bend (that’s first) and snap (that comes second).

“That is still the most asked request I get from people,” Witherspoon told Instagram of the move. “I have a feeling I will be doing the bend and snap until I am 95.”

Witherspoon further spoke about the film’s cultural legacy, saying, “I have had so many women say, ‘I went to law school because of Legally Blonde.’ It actually had a meaningful story. And it was about female empowerment. It wasn’t necessarily about the girl getting the guy.”

Yeah, especially because Warner Huntington III was a royal asshole who was no match for our favorite feisty Gemini vegetarian.

To properly honor Legally Blonde’s 15th birthday, check out the original bend and snap scene below:

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