Doja Cat's 'Say So' Video Is A Shimmering, Disco-Era Thirst Trap

Each of her looks is more jaw-dropping than that last

On "Say So," a standout track from her 2019 sophomore album Hot Pink, Doja Cat sings, "He ain't never seen it in a dress like this / He ain't never even been impressed like this." The same can be said about me, you, and literally anyone else in the world who watches her shimmering new video. Exhibit A:


The "Say So" video transports us to sunny '70s L.A. (eat your heart out, Quentin Tarantino!), where Doja Cat holds court in a cozy Hollywood Hills abode filled with vinyl and boasting gorgeous views of the city. Not that you'll notice any of those things, because all eyes are on Doja herself. As she thirsts over a repairman fixing her record player, she struts around in an array of slinky dresses: one that's backless and crocheted, another that's silver and blinged-out, and one encrusted with butterflies. All the while, she sings that deliciously groovy hook: "Day to night to morning / Keep with me in the moment / I'd let you had I known it / Why don't you say so?" In a poolside dance scene, she even busts out the same moves used in all those TikTok dance challenges that have made the song a viral hit.

After the sun goes down, she and her maintenance man meet again — this time, in a disco club where Doja enters with a tiger on a leash. Together with her Travolta-channeling crush, she busts through more synchronized dancing, and as the music fades out, the party only turns up. Get lost in Doja's '70s fever dream below, and keep your eyes peeled for a fabulous cameo from Instagram-famous dancer Donté Colley.

Doja Cat's "Say So" video comes just hours after she performed the song on The Tonight Show. In keeping with the throwback theme, she transformed the stage into a hot pink disco club, so yes, it's a must-see. Check out the performance here, and peep her recently announced spring tour dates.

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