See All 44 Outfits Katniss Has Worn In The 'Hunger Games' Movies

The girl whose clothes are often on fire.

Katniss Everdeen may have began "The Hunger Games" as a clandestine hunter and regular citizen of District 12, but the character, portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, has become so much more. Two Hunger Games and an actual war later, Katniss has shed identities, loved ones and outfits many times over.

We're here to talk about the outfits.

From dusty District 12 to the opulence of the Capitol -- and ever Caesar Flickerman interviews, arena and battlefield in between -- Katniss has modeled looks galore. The Girl On Fire even makes a grey jumpsuit look couture, if necessary.

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Here's every one of her looks from "The Hunger Games," "Catching Fire" and what we've seen from "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1" so far.


1. The Saddest Blue Dress In The World

Welcome. It's gonna be a sad ride.

2. Greased Lightning

Or her dad's hunting jacket. One or the other.

3. Don't Fear The Reaping Dress

Or do.

4. The Brooding Loungewear Of Doom

If looks could kill, Katniss would win the Hunger Games -- oh wait. Been there, done that.

5. The Remaking Gown

We're gonna need more wax.

6. The Girl On Fire

The original.

7. Dressed In Yellow, She Says Hello (Capitol)

Come sit next to me, you fine -- oh, Peeta. Yeah, no one's sitting here.

8. Dressed To Impress (The Gamemakers)

Score that.

9. Score!

Katniss Everdeen: 11 out of 12 for sensible flats and classic ankle pants.

10. Can Your Dress Do This?

Mine can. And I have more where that came from.

11. Roof Party

Batman would approve.

12. No Need To Hover(craft)

Katniss' "Top Gun" moment.

13. Our Little Secret Jazzy Accessory

Sssshhhhhh, Lenny Kravitz, shhhhh.

14. The Calm Before The President Snow Storm

Bundle up.

15. Victory At Last

Yellow there, Katniss.

16. Pretty Grim In Pink

Hi, sister. Hi, impending doom.


17. Emotional Knitwear

Nothing says "I escaped death and started a revolution" like a good, chunky, neutral accessory.

18. Champion of Leather

She has no time for your nonsense, but she does have time for a classic leather jacket.

19. Workwear for Play

Chambray is so in this season.

20. Black Swan

Whatever happened to our sweet Katniss? She's gone!

21. The Finest of Furs

Katniss doesn't always venture outside, but when she does, she's draped in luxury.

22. Doom Cardigan

When on a train ride to one's inevitable doom, one must always select knits for both comfort and class.

23. The "Sorry 'Bout Rue" Ruffle

When you're feelin' blue about Rue, a neck ruffle is the thing to do.

24. A Somber, Yet Stylish, Sweater

Colorblocking? Check. Non-traditional hemline? Check. Vengeance in her heart? Check.

25. When One Sweater Is Just Not Enough

Her regrets come in layers, just like her sweaters.

26. No More Mr. Nice Romper

She just realized how she's going to have to go to the bathroom, and she is not happy about it.

27. Caped Fury

The cape follows her, much like her anger at the government.

28. Pajama Jam

Contrary to the old saying, a cable-knit sleeping sweater a day does not keep the nightmares away.

29. The Blues

The hottest looks for spring include textured indigos and governmental overthrows.

30. Eternal Love and Legwarmers

Nothing quite says "happiest day of my life" quite like an austere sheath dress and semi-fitted legwarmers.

31. Classic Black

Say it like you mean it, Katniss.

32. Avian Dress Syndrome

It's a bird! It's a dress! It's Katniss with her fanciest hairdo yet!

33. Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

The best complement to a "playa, please" face is neutral layers.

34. The Grumpiest Henley

This henley is outstanding in its field.

35. The Cardigan of Distraction

"Are we really going to talk about my cardigan right now while this poor girl behind me has all that mask business going on?"

36. Smoldering Temptress

"But Cinna, how many times do you think you could realistically set me on fire before people get tired of it?

21. Witness to Fitness

She may be training to kill her peers, but hell if she's not going to rock some flattering side panels while she does it.

37. Take a Bow

We agree: The courage to rock full spandex deserves applause.

38. The Fabric of Our Lives

Loungewear enthusiasts everywhere approve.

39. A Vision in White

"I really just wanted something simple and sleek," said nobody involved in the planning of Katniss' sham wedding.

40. No More Mr. Nice Dress

Cue the Alicia Keys, because this girl is on fire.

41. Uniformly Flattering

This is the face of a young woman who just realized that she's going to be stuck in this wetsuit for the rest of the movie.

42. Cliffhanger Attire

Wait, you're really going to leave us hanging in that? Fine. Fine.


43. Jumpsuit Chic

Hope you like jumpsuits, gf, because you're going to be wearing a lot of them.

44. Enter the Mockingjay

When it comes to fight or flight, Katniss does both.

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