Natalie Portman's Looking Wild In New 'Jane Got A Gun' Photos

The much-delayed film finally has a first look.

It's been a long and rocky road for Natalie Portman's forthcoming film — probably because the wild west, well, lives up to the name. But we've got some images from "Jane Got a Gun" at last for all the Western fans out there.

Between losing several actors and even a director, "Jane Got a Gun" was one of those almost-folkloric films — in that "will it ever actually see the light of day?" way.

But it looks like the film will live on! At least, if the release of these new images from it are to be believed. And the whole thing looks, well, downright explosive. We've never really seen Portman strip down like this before.

Like this photo of co-star Joel Edgerton

...Or this one, with a very pensive Portman

Told you it looked explosive.

Here's a group of what most assuredly are the villains in the film plotting their next move.

At last, Jane's got a gun!

"Jane Got a Gun" follows the wild story of centers on Jane Hammond (Portman), hoping to protect her husband Bill "Ham" Hammond (Noah Emmerich) after being tormented by the Bishop Boys gang. The film also stars the aforementioned Edgerton and Ewan McGregor.

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