Frank Ocean Just Dropped A Visual Album Called 'Endless'

No, you're not dreaming — and there may be even more music on the way

It may be time to check if pigs can fly.

You read that headline right. No, this is not a dream. Yes, Frank Ocean released his new album.

The project is his first since 2012's Def Jam debut, channel orange, and comes after relentless speculation, multiple rumored release dates come and gone -- and all the hype to match.

It started just months after channel orange came out, when Frank said he was nearly a dozen songs into his follow up. In April 2013, he told MTV News that he had been listening to "a lot of Beach Boys and Beatles" for inspiration. The next April, he said he might skip Coachella to finish the album. The next April, he officially announced a record called Boys Don't Cry, pegging it to a July 2015 release date. That never happened, and then last month, he hinted it would be out by the end of July. Which also didn't happen.

But all of those anticipation-building moments (and they're just a few of the many) looked like they'd finally come to an end when the singer launched a mysterious livestream on his website. The New York Times reported that the album would be released, via Apple Music, on August 5, creating an even larger tidal wave of excitement. Then the stream went dark for two weeks, only to start back up late Thursday (August 18) night by playing some new music while Frank built a staircase.

Now, after all of that, Frank has finally dropped a visual album called Endless, comprising clips from the livestream that's been on his website over the past few weeks as well as new footage. According to Rolling Stone, Boys Don't Cry is a separate project that will be released later this weekend — so there's still more Frank to come.

You've been rewarded for your patience. Head to Apple Music to stream the album at last.

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