Tori Kelly Covers ‘Bad Blood’ — With A Little Help From Miranda Sings

We dare you to keep a straight face during this one.

Behind every pop sensation is an even more sensational vocal coach. And in the case of Tori Kelly, the “coach” in question is none other than YouTube star Miranda Sings, in all her messy lipsticked glory.

The unexpected duo rendezvoused in Miranda’s cat-themed bedroom to bust out a wildly entertaining rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” Tori, as per usual, stuns with her so-good-they’re-scary pipes, while Miranda… well, she’s just her usual wacky self. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Watch the hilarious clip below (including the post-song bloopers!) and just TRY to keep a straight face, we dare you.

Yep, we’re thinking this one can definitely be added to Tori’s cover song hall of fame.