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Dylan Sprouse Is The New King Of Long Hair — Sorry, Harry Styles

Bow down

Big year for the Sprouse twins and their hair: First Cole dyed his ’do black for Riverdale, and now it looks like Dylan is growing out his strands. He showed off his new ~lob~ on Instagram Monday (August 15) with a raven-haired Cole right by his side.

Clearly they’ve come a long way since their Suite Life Disney Channel days.

Dylan Sprouse

Photo Aug 16, 10 29 08 AM

Now, Dylan’s hair isn’t quite as long and luscious as Harry Styles’s locks once were, but they’re getting there. Give him a few more weeks and they’ll be past his shoulders in no time.

Harry already chopped off his tresses months ago for (1) charity and (2) his role in the upcoming Dunkirk film. Buh-bye, man bun.

That means Dylan’s hair is actually longer than Harry’s at this very moment. Consider yourself dethroned, Styles.