How Festival Camping Is Way Different From Regular Camping

These people have a disco ball just for their tent. #goals

Bethel, New York -- When you're at a music festival in the middle of the Catskill Mountains, there's no time to go home at night after hours of dancing... especially because the party at Mysteryland never really stops. That's why an estimated 8,000 festival goers haul their tents into their pickup trucks and prepare themselves for three nights of camping.

At 11 a.m. on Friday, festival-goers lined up at the gates of Mysteryland and were escorted into the grounds 10 cars at a time. Rich, Carter and their crew from Boston got onsite at 3 p.m. and had everything set up in an hour, waving their Red Sox flag proudly. They brought dollies, battery cubes and totes to store everything, keeping everything organized. Pros!

IMG_0167 copy

These are the setups you won't see if you're on a family vacation in the woods. Dave and Jill from New Jersey called their group of six tents and two pop-ups a "compound" and came prepared with a custom-built sound system and disco ball.


They brought pool inflatables for comfortable furniture and even dedicated one tent just for their supplies.


And of course, you need decorations when you're at Mysteryland. These guys painted their own banner.


The Mysteryland campground is like no other. Not only are camping, but there's so much more -- it's almost a small town with food, ice, ATMs and entertainment.

In addition to the bevy of stages on festival grounds, the camping area has its own stage -- for early risers who can't wait to get to the party. This pineapple stage hosts a '90s cover band in the morning to watch while you eat your breakfast.


You can relax in some hammocks and live out the PLUR lifestyle.


Or sit on an abandoned bus.


This is truly unlike any other camping.


And why not get your arm spray painted before you head out to the festival?


Maybe you'll make a friend or two.

It's a bit of a trek back to the festival grounds...


...but there are people to cheer you on.


Campers of Mysteryland, we salute you.


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