Tom DeLonge Can't Make Up His Mind About Blink-182

It's never over. We should know this by now.

Just when you thought the Blink-182 drama had quieted down for good, Tom DeLonge went ahead and served up a whole helping of NOPE.

Well, OK -- it's not fair to call this latest round of commentary by DeLonge (who effectively quit the band in January) actual drama. After all, it's not like he wasn't talking about kicking Travis Barker out of the band or refusing to outright admit he's out of the band for good this time.

But on Wednesday (Sept. 2), DeLonge did tell the NME that everything he's doing now (including the sci-fi trilogy he's been working on) has all been because of Blink's success and their fans.

"I loved that band, I started that band. That's me. I named the band -- that sh-t came from me," DeLonge said. "[Being in Blink] cannot be the only thing in my life, or can it be the absolute priority. But can it be a part of my life? Absolutely. I love that band. I could not do anything that I'm doing now without the fans of that band. If I did not have the fans of Blink, I would not exist."

I think Blink fans across the world would agree with that. But they'd probably disagree with the way he's been treating his former band.

Think about it: After DeLonge freaked out back in January, Barker and Mark Hoppus replaced him with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba, who joined them on for a handful of shows in 2015. They're even writing with Skiba in the studio now.

It sounds like Barker and Hoppus have moved on and replaced DeLonge, but DeLonge's still hanging on.

Would he rejoin the band if the opportunity arose?

"No, no, it's much more complex than that," DeLonge said. "It has to map up with everybody's life. I think if all the roads that we're travelling connect at the same intersection, which is usually a location and a date, then we're good."

Still, he hasn't spoken to the other two "since all that sh-t's gone down," which kind of seems like he's not accounting for their feelings on this whole thing.

Whatever happens in the future, can we just get these dudes on the same page? Please? Either "Stay Together For The Kids" or "Shut Up" and admit it's "Time To Break Up." Our hearts can't take it anymore.