The 17 Boyfriends Your Fave Cartoons Would Grow Up To Be

If you've never been attracted to a cartoon character, you're lying.

We've all had crushes -- on celebs, on fictional characters -- that, no matter how much we daydream about them, will never return our feels in real life. It's only natural to start crushin' on a cartoon as well.

But what would it be like to actually date a cartoon in real life? Here's what type of boyfriend your favorite cartoon would be:

1. Danny Phantom, the one who gets away with everything because he's just so darn cute

2. Doug Funnie, the artsy shy guy who calls you his muse

3. Li Shang, the boy who is strong enough to move all your crap into your new apartment

4. Aladdin, the Tinder Boy who catfishes you by lying about his identity

5. Ron Stoppable, your best-friend-turned-boyfriend

6. Otto Rocket, the surfer dude you had a summer fling with

7. Chuckie Finster, the homebody

8. Trent Lane, the bad boy you admired from afar

9. Simba, the adventure-seeker who travels the world with you

10. Dexter, the nerd who will one day become a billionaire

11. Eric, the boyfriend you literally don't need to say a word to

12. Squidward, the undiscovered musician

13. Jerry, the class clown who is funny for like five minutes

14. Johnny Bravo, the hotshot who thinks he's the sexiest man alive

15. Jack Skellington, the boyfriend who will dress up in corny couple costumes on Halloween

16. Timmy Turner, a manchild whose head is in the clouds

17. Arnold, the guy your parents absolutely love

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