Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, And Big Sean Teach You How To Get Rich On 'I Do It'

Their collab is equal parts advice and flexes

How hard do you work? Could you work even harder if pushed in the right direction? Gather around, class! Today's guest speakers are Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and Lil Baby and their new track, "I Do It," is the kind of push that motivates you to get off the couch and get going until you can't go anymore.

In just three minutes, the three rappers use their lives to let you know that you too can do it. Throw away those sheets of paper that you were planning to take notes on. Just listen, because I won't quiz you on this material, but life itself will.

"I Do It" is one hell of a rousing, party-starting record. Big Sean kicks things in the intro off with a bold statement: "If you weigh me down then I gotta remove you / If you in my way, then I gotta go through you." On the chorus, he continues with this 48 Laws Of Power-style of thinking, exclaiming that he does it ("it" being whatever it takes to succeed), proves himself, and pushes away detractors, all at the same time. He sets the mood of the lesson that the trio teaches throughout the song: Put yourself first and work hard.

Lil Baby's verse comes first with a couple of tips to get listeners on the right path, such as don't slack off ("I don't really sleep or take naps, no snoozing") and never reveal all of the cards that you hold ("I was playing dumb, they was thinking I'm stupid"). Lil Wayne's scene-stealing verse comes next and he decides that Lil Baby's contribution is enough motivation for the day — it's time to start bragging. "I got money from 2002," might be one of Lil Wayne's hardest flexes of all time. When the song ends, you feel inspired to go make yourself some money that'll be there still in twenty years.

"I Do It" appears on Lil Wayne's new album, Funeral, that's out today (January 31). The LP also features appearances from artists like the late XXXTentacion, Adam Levine, 2 Chainz, Takeoff, and more.

Check out "I Do It" up above.

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